Monday, November 10, 2014

(Windows 7's GNS3 Version 1.1) Running ASA 8.4.2 on QEMU

ASA Set up

1.      ASA images

2.      GNS Preferences

2.1.  Adding new QEMU image

2.2.  Choose ASA 8.4(2) and choose your image name

2.3. Choose 1GB of RAM (I didn’t try with anything else)

2.4. Browse for “Initial RAM disk (initrd):”

2.5. Browse for “Kernel Image”

2.6. Click Finish

2.7. Click OK

3.  Use the image in GNS3

3.1. Click on Browser all device

3.2. Drag it to use

3.3. Add a router and connect them

3.4. Run them


Ciscoasa> enable
Ciscoasa# config t

On Router