Saturday, May 23, 2015

Learning Basic MPLS

I think MPLS Section on CCIE 5.0 Official Guide is quite good.   Here is an excerpt from the book outline.


Part VI Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
Chapter 11
 Multiprotocol Label Switching 515
“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 515
Foundation Topics 519
MPLS Unicast IP Forwarding 519
    MPLS IP Forwarding: Data Plane 520
        CEF Review 520
        Overview of MPLS Unicast IP Forwarding 521
        MPLS Forwarding Using the FIB and LFIB 522
        The MPLS Header and Label 524
        The MPLS TTL Field and MPLS TTL Propagation 524
    MPLS IP Forwarding: Control Plane 526
        MPLS LDP Basics 527
        The MPLS Label Information Base Feeding the FIB and LFIB 529
        Examples of FIB and LFIB Entries 532
        Label Distribution Protocol Reference 534
    The Problem: Duplicate Customer Address Ranges 535
    The Solution: MPLS VPNs 537
    MPLS VPN Control Plane 539
        Virtual Routing and Forwarding Tables 540
        MP-BGP and Route Distinguishers 541
        Route Targets 543
        Overlapping VPNs 545
    MPLS VPN Configuration 546
        Configuring the VRF and Associated Interfaces 548
        Configuring the IGP Between PE and CE 550
        Configuring Redistribution Between PE-CE IGP and MP-BGP 553
        Configuring MP-BGP Between PEs 555
    MPLS VPN Data Plane 558
        Building the (Inner) VPN Label 559
        Creating LFIB Entries to Forward Packets to the Egress PE 560
        Creating VRF FIB Entries for the Ingress PE 562
        Penultimate Hop Popping 564
Other MPLS Applications 565
Implement Multi-VRF Customer Edge (VRF Lite) 566
    VRF Lite, Without MPLS 566
    VRF Lite with MPLS 569
Foundation Summary 570
Memory Builders 570
    Fill In Key Tables from Memory 570
    Definitions 570
    Further Reading 570

There is also a good session on Cisco Live On Demand.   This rendition of the session is quite interesting.

BRKCCIE-3345 - The CCIE Candidate's Introduction to MPLS L3VPN Networks (2013 Orlando),

- Scott Morris - Chief Technology Officer, Copper River IT
- Keith Barker - Edutainment Specialist, Trainer

Lecture - 24 Multiple Label Switching(MPLS)