Sunday, October 11, 2015

Summary of IP Phone Firmware Distribution Model

The table below is taken directly from the following Cisco document.

Source: Cisco Unified IP Phone Firmware Distribution Methods

It is here as a preview of the document above.

Table 1. Summary of Distribution Models

Peer Firmware Sharing
Load Server
Traditional TFTP
• Hierarchy is automatic
• One download per phone model on a subnet
• Uses TCP
• Fails back to TFTP
• Speeds up LAN upgrades
• Reduces TFTP CPU load during upgrade
• Has same download time as LAN image distribution
• Distributes TFTP load over multiple TFTP servers
• Proven distribution
• Default behavior
• Must be enabled on each phone
• Hierarchy is formed for each phone model
• Hierarchy is limited to subnet
• IP must be set on each phone
• Administrator must manually file copy to load server
• No failback to TFTP on error
• More prone to user error
• High-bandwidth requirements
• Multiple requests for same file
• High CPU usage on TFTP server