Monday, October 12, 2015

Troubleshooting CUCM Database Replication in Linux Appliance Model


After checking the current stat of replication using one of the previous methods, we can use the table below to understand what each state means
0Initialization StateThis state indicates that replication is in the process of trying to  setup. Being in this state for a period longer than an hour could  indicate a failure in setup.
1Number of Replicates not correctThis state is rarely seen in 6.x and 7.x but in 5.x can indicate its  still in the setup process. Being in this state for a period longer than  an hour could indicate a failure in setup.
2Replication is goodLogical connections have been established and tables match the other servers on the cluster.
3Tables are suspect
Logical connections have been established but we are unsure if tables match.
In 6.x and 7.x all servers could show state 3 if one server is down in  the cluster.
This can happen because the other servers are unsure if  there is an update to a user facing feature that has not been passed  from that sub to the other device in the cluster.
4Setup Failed / DroppedThe server no longer has an active logical connection to receive  database table across. No replication is occurring in this state.