Saturday, April 5, 2014

Finding Fortiguard Category Number (For FortiOS 5.0)

FortiOS 4.x

FortiOS 4.x has category number published here - As of this writing, this is not applicable to FortiOS 5.x because there is no “explanation text” as describe.

Step 1

Enable cli debugging

config vdom
edit VUWF101
diag debug cli 8
diag debug enable

Step 2

Turned on “monitor” on the category one at a time.  Click Apply

Step 3.

Part of the CLI debug output would identify the corresponding category number.

0: config webfilter profile
0: edit "test2"
0: config ftgd-wf
0: config filters
0: edit 2
0: set category 19
0: end
0: end
0: end

In this case, Freeware and Software Download is category number 19