Tuesday, April 8, 2014

FortiManager "Out-of-Sync" Diff View's Deficiency

There are a few improvable part of FortiManager, this is one of them.

When changes are made on Fortigate locally, the FortiManager will detect that change and report “Out-of-Sync” state.    This is well and good.

The idea is good, the execution however can still be improved.       

As an administrator, I would want to verify the change I know I have made locally on the device.     

The “View Diff” feature here is just not good enough, I couldn’t see easily what change I have made, because it reported wrongly changes that I didn’t make and changes that simply is because configs are just mis-aligned.

I seriously did not modify 1210 Line(s).

So, as a result, I need to fly “blind”.   Either Accept wrongly or Reject wrongly.  

Simply is very annoying given that the other part of FortiManager handle the “Diff” so brilliantly such as “ADOM Revisions” Diff.