Saturday, April 5, 2014

Live Sample - Retrieve Device's System Config from FortiManager

After a necessary change is made on the device, for example, in my case WCCP client config, FortiManager detects that the configs are now out of sync.

config system interface
edit port3
set wccp enable

config system settings
    set wccp-cache-engine enable

config system wccp
    edit "70"
        set cache-id x.x.x.x
        set router-list "y.y.y.y"
        set ports 80 443
        set protocol 6

To get it to be in-sync again, the best way is not to use this “Accept” diaglog, I think the retrieve config is a better way.

To do that, Lock the Device’s ADOM

Click on Revision History, then Click on “Retrieve”.

Wait while the config is being retrieved.

Then, push it back to the device, to get the “in sync” status again.

The device is now in “Sync” again.